About Us

Aries Investment strives to be a world-class, independent investment company that aligns clients’ interests with our own, to relentlessly build and grow substantial wealth by consistently delivering superior returns via holistic core and tactical portfolio allocations.

Our business focuses on asset management and portfolio management services to ultra-high net worth individuals & families, companies, and institutions, by helping them build and grow their asset. Our independent models enable us to provide unbiased perspectives on financial products.

We adhere to high standards and are disciplined, yet flexible in applying our sets of time-proven methodologies (fundamental as well as technical analysis), to conclude our investment decisions and advice. Combined with our expertise and knowledge of the financial markets, we have the utmost confidence to look after the long-term interests of our clients and maintain their loyalty and trust.

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Core Values


Inspired through local culture, the core values of Aries Investment
serve as a guide for all individuals within the organisation to embrace as they live,
grow and evolve.









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Core Services

Our clients’ interest is always come first.
Therefore, we have patience in understanding your objectives, expectations, and priorities,
in order to build a successful, mutual-beneficial relationship that lasts.

You assign us, your managers, a limited Power of Attorney. Your bank remains the custodians to your assets and provides the platform for trading and transaction. You may choose to assign us as your single point of contact, where we will liaise with all the banks that hold your assets.

Families with investable assets who wish to preserve, grow and transfer assets across generations may consider a family office which is set up with a focus on investment and asset management. It is specifically designed to consolidate the management of a single family’s fortune. You may choose to assign us as the single point of contact, where we will help to liaise with all the banks that hold your assets — effectively making us your family office.

This empowers us to flexibly adapt to the fast, dynamic market conditions and progress swiftly, positioning us to deliver long-term capital growth with a superior and sustainable risk/reward strategy. The minimum investment size for our Discretionary Portfolio Management services is USD 10 million. .

Our asset management team will advise you on portfolio allocations, but leave you with the full power to decide and act. Advisory services allow private individuals to consult with investment professionals before making changes to their portfolios.

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Management Team


Djoko Eng Soebijono

Chief Investment Officer

Djoko Eng Soebijono is the CIO & Managing Director of Aries Investment Management. He is responsible for setting and collating the investment style and strategy of our multi-family offices. Djoko spent over 25+ years in corporate, private and investment banks with world's biggest financial institutions such as Citigroup, UBS, BJB Merril Lynch, and HSBC, covering corporate, institution and global-ultra (GU) investors. Djoko started his career as Finance lecturer at University of Surabaya, where he partnered with famous Indonesian economist, DR. Mari Elka Pangestu (ex Indonesian Minister of Trade). Djoko graduated from CSULA (Cum Laude) and UCLA (Summa Cum Laude) in Finance and International Business. He is a CIMC charter holder and CFA candidate level 3.
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    February 3, 2017

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